Uber reduces racism

Vancouver B.C. doesn’t have Uber or Lyft, the ridesharing service I chiefly use in Seattle and New York City…the lack of ridesharing businesses in Vancouver has meant the endurance of a problem that, in my reality, pretty much vanishes from the surface of stuff when you have an account with Uber or Lyft: taxi cab racism….I ‘d all but forgotten this form of prejudice until this weekend, when I found myself in the center of Vancouver unable to hail a cab. Though many weren’t engaged, they just merely passed by me. At first, I thought I was invisible enough to motorists, but after several taxis by my theatrical waving passed, I recalled the color of my skin.

It’s significant to note that many of the taxi drivers were black but South Asians—some who were blacker. But when it involves taxi racism, the color of the driver typically does not matter. White racism, in this sector, has been embraced, sometimes even enhanced, by all other races, numerous of which have been and still continue to be the sufferers of white racism. Even in Seattle, when Yellow Cab was the top dog, East African drivers would pass by me because I looked like them. All that nonsense came with ridesharing, whose programs made hailing unneeded.

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